Picture of business front desk before and after being resurfaced

Other Services

NewLife Surface Technology can also bring new life to the surfaces found in any business.

Does your business have a sales or service counter that is faded or worn from years of constant use? Imagine wowing your customers with the new look of a rich stone finish! The only ones that would know that it didn't cost nearly as much as it looks like would be you and NewLife Surface Technology. And we will never tell.

Want to improve that all-important 'first impression' as your customers walk into your business? NewLife Surface Technology can resurface your entryway in almost any solid color or with one of our 48 Multistone finishes.

Is there a sink, cabinet, or countertop in the employee break room that could use some attention? How about the employee rest room? What a nice way to give a little 'thank you' to the ones that help you succeed! And it's cost effective, too, both in pricing and in minimal 'down-time'. How about those sales floor storage cabinets? When was the last time those were updated? Or, that metal desk which is built so well it will never break and serves you well, yet looks like it came through a sandstorm? NewLife Surface Technology offers a cost effective solution for each of these as well many other needs you may have.

Other Resurfacing Ideas

Don't forget the garage! If your workbench and cabinets are built better than what you are likely to find at the local 'big box', but they reflect the years of use, consider calling NewLife Surface Technology. Allow us to bring new life to those sturdy, proven cabinets and enhance the value of your home in the process.

Our Multistone and solid color finishes work great on patio and walkway surfaces, and even on garage floors. Imagine the enhanced beauty and value added to your home with this service provided by NewLife Surface Technology.